Our Team

Paul Harnett


Paul HarnettPaul Harnett is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked clinically and conducted research in the area of child protection since 1987. He spent many years working in a specialist child protection team at the Maudsley Hospital in London. In Australia, he has worked as a Clinical Psychologist in care and protection for the NSW Department of Community Services. Over the past 12 years his work has focused on developing an evidence-based assessment model for child protection (Capacity to Change, C2C)  and the Parents Under Pressure (PuP) program; an internationally recognised training program for clinicians working with families in which there are many difficult life circumstances such as anxiety, substance misuse and family conflict and helping parents facing such adversities to develop positive and secure relationships with their children. A major motivating force for his work are the memories of the young children he cared for while working as a residential care worker in a South London children's home in the late 1980s.


Email: paul@capacity2change.com



Sharon Dawe


Sharon DaweSharon Dawe has been worked as a researcher and clinician in the field of substance misuse and mental health for over 15 years in London, UK, Sydney and Brisbane on a range of clinical interventions. Her most recent work involves the development and evaluation of the Parents Under Pressure program. Sharon has published extensively in high quality peer reviewed journal including British Journal of Psychiatry, Addiction, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Addictive Behaviors, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Psychopharmacology.


Email: sharon@capacity2change.com

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