Overview of the C2C training program


A. The capacity to change assessment model

  • Overview of the Capacity to change (C2C) assessment model.
  • The advantages of an empirical, evidence-based approach to making decisions.
  • Strengths and Limitations of the Structured Decision Making (SDM) Model.
  • Distinguishing risk assessment from need assessment.uring environment.


B. Assessments under conditions of uncertainty

  • Overview of Signal Detection Theory (SDT- the essentials to provide a conceptual basis for understanding the dilemma’s facing clinicians working in the child protection filed).
  • The impact of bias on decision-making under conditions of uncertainty.


C. A guiding model of family functioning: The Integrated Framework

  • Overview of the Integrated Framework for understanding child development and family functining.
  • Application of the Integrated Framework in the assessment of a family and ssessment and monitoring of capacity to change.


D.  Assessing Capacity to Change (C2C)

  • Identifying goals for change.
    • How to identify and set goals that can be measured.
    • Monitoring progress—including evaluation of the parents' willingness to engage and cooperate with the intervention and the extent to which goals were achieved.
    • Reporting results.


E. Process issues in the assessment of C2C

  • Avoiding a parenting deficits model; presenting the Integrated Framework to parents—there are many influences that can make parenting difficult; the current strengths and weaknesses in the family.
  • Explaining the C2C model to parents—an opportunity to demonstrate capacity-to-change.
  • Revising the treatment plan to deal with crises, while staying goal focused when assessing C2C.
  • Dealing with ‘failure’—what happens when parents don’t achieve goals.


G. Incorporating the C2C model into clinical practice

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